We are Axtel Communications and together with Vodacom we exist to empower people through innovation and connectivity. For the memories that span beyond the momentary. Innovation that sparks creativity and builds bridges beyond the cities people find themselves in. Connectivity that inspires conversation and caring. Where the power of a moment is not missed. Power for the future – unlocked in the present.


  1. Empower People
  2. Innovate
  3.  Connect


People are created to connect. At the core of what we do, is who we are. Connection starts with the people we nurture and inspire. Without them – we are missing the link.
  1. Retail Stores: Axtel Communications owns and operates a number of Vodacom Shop, Vodacom 4U and Chatz Connect outlets as well as an Enterprise business division. Everyday we have the opportunity to touch someone’s life by making their experience great – As a work mate and as a customer. How can we make sure we are part of the big Picture?
  2. Business Enterprise: Our Enterprise Business Unit services clients all over South Africa ranging from Small and Medium sized businesses through to Large Businesses and the Public sector. Businesses are always looking at making their lives convenient when it comes to connectivity and innovation.
  3. Online: We don’t sell a product, we sell a lifestyle.


Meagan Lee Meikle
Meagan Lee MeikleVodacom Chatz – Broadacres
011 467 8280
Mbali Mnguni
Mbali MnguniVodacom Chatz – Midstream
010 493 0957
Kerri-Lee Brits
Kerri-Lee BritsVodacom Shop – Fourways Mall
011 465 8104
Ewert Harding
Ewert HardingVodacom 4U – Fourways Mall
011 467 9588
David De Beer
David De BeerVodacom Shop – Festival Mall
011 975 7554
Lindiwe Radebe
Lindiwe RadebeVodacom Repair Shop – Fourways Mall
011 465 6409